In today’s world we parents often sense that the weight of the world is on our shoulders. What we do is so vital. How we do it so important. The responsibilities on our list sometimes seem endless. The “stakes” are so high. Is it any wonder that many of today’s parents feel more anxious than moms and dads of generations past?

So what would happen if today you took a new approach? What if you decided that today — for just one day, or one hour, or one moment — you would believe in enough?


by Shonnie Lavender


You are enough, exactly as you are right now.
What you’ve done is enough, as it is right now.
How you are is enough, right now.

Though you may want to change, you are worthy of love right now.
While there is more you dream of creating, there is plenty to give thanks for right now.
Despite fears that who you are needs fixing, you are a beloved, much needed presence for this world.

The world will try to convince you that more, different, better is what you need to be.
Nagging voices in your head that sound so confident will attempt to bully, berate, or bribe you into believing their lies about your imperfection.
Moments after making a mistake, you will curse yourself for “proving” your own weakness and fallibility.

But today, this hour, this moment, you will cry foul and tell all those clever, critical, conniving messengers to “shut the F**K up!”
Because you know — today, this hour, this moment — that beliefs about “not enough” are false.
They are fearful, small-minded ways to stay trapped in the striving, the struggling, the worrying.

So today, this hour, this moment, proclaim a truth that’s been true all along.
“I am enough! I am worthy of love exactly as I am right now!”
“What I’ve done is enough precisely as it is, right now!”
“How I am, in this very instant, is enough!”

Take time today, this hour, this moment, to step off life’s treadmill and affirm yourself, your efforts, and your way of being in our world. Our world needs you. Your family needs you. You need you. Exactly as you are. You are enough, right now!


If you sometimes struggle with this worry about enoughness, you might benefit from watching a video I shared on Facebook about being a “good” mom.

Shonnie Lavender supports conscious parents to create connected, respectful, and thriving families by eliminating fear-based parenting methods still commonly in use today. With compassion, humor, and judgment-free honesty, Shonnie empowers moms and dads to follow their inner guidance, age-old wisdom, and modern science as they grow alongside their children. A contributor to Huffington Post and Elephant Journal, Shonnie has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio, including the Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM. An author, workshop leader, and parent herself, Shonnie practices what she teaches. Please spread the word to people with whom you think this message would resonate.

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