My beliefs

I believe . . . we are amazing beings.

Filled with love, creativity, compassion, curiosity, trust, strength, and light, we have the capacity to co-create heaven on earth. We are imbued with all-knowing Spirit that is always present within. Our dreams are simply a future reality. It is our birthright to share our gifts with the world and to receive the blessings of this earthly life.

Instead of having this experience, however, more or less often . . . we are living a lie.

We pretend to be who we are not and pretend not to be who we are. We unconsciously act out others’ scripts and perpetuate beliefs that are neither true nor true for us. We pass off opinions as truths and ignore reality in favor of fantasy. We have trappings of success that don’t really matter to us and we fear to follow our hearts to our deepest longings. We’ve forgotten who we really are, don’t love ourselves, and don’t like how we behave.

My mission is to . . . live and coach to inspire and empower the divine within all people.

Living my work

Living my work

Knowing the dark, I have understanding and compassion for the parts of us that are fearful, uncertain, confused, asleep, disbelieving. I have ways to help clear out the shadowy places inside, untangle us from limiting beliefs, and connect us to our authentic, powerful, and resilient selves. I believe in the light and work to help the women I coach come to more fully embody this part of themselves so that they can achieve their dreams and play their part in . . .

. . . upending our “present reality” and return us to living heaven on earth and heaven within.