Ever set a boundary with your child — “Use a quiet voice so your brother can sleep?” or “Screens go off in 5 minutes.” — only to have your child do precisely what you’ve asked them not to do?

372 times a day this happens, right? 🙂

Well in the video below I talk about several aspects of boundaries, including the mainstream approach to “enforcing” them with our children. In addition, I share an approach to boundaries for conscious parents, and a specific challenge for mindful parents. After you watch the video, you might check out my boundary tips that follow.

Boundary Tips

  1. Be mindful about the boundaries you set. Set only those that are truly necessary.
  2. Treat boundary “violations” as impersonal acts rather than deliberate choices your child is making to ignore, disrespect, or annoy you.
  3. Consider what might be making it difficult for your child to honor a boundary you’ve set.
  4. Attempt not to set boundaries that you sense will be hard for others to honor or for you to maintain (e.g., thinking a young, enthusiastic child will be able to not touch items in a toy store is almost asking for that boundary to be crossed).
  5. A dysregulated child will have a very difficult time honoring boundaries, so help them succeed by doing what you can to keep them in a regulated state (i.e., a “human brain” state, a “yes” brain, green zone state).


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