By coaching I do not mean that I tell moms how to parent. I cannot tell you what your family should do anymore than any other outsider can. As a coach my role is to support you in finding your authentic answers to co-create a rich, fulfilling, connected life for you and your family.

Though the moms I support have diverse backgrounds, women with the following traits tend to resonate most with my experience and my coaching:

  • Moms who, though “healthy” and “well-adjusted,” know that something gets in their way of embodying their power and compassion as a parent
  • Moms who feel stuck when they see in themselves qualities they never wanted to have as parents
  • Moms who are wanting to deeply connect in their children’s early years
  • Moms who struggle with nurturing themselves as they devote so much time and energy to parenting
  • Moms who want to parent with love, compassion, and mindfulness without losing themselves in the midst of such ongoing giving

“We are all capable of remarkable growth and transformation if we can learn to recognize and tap our deep inner resources and chart a path that is true to our values and to our own hearts.”

~ Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

What I Have on Offer

I believe that motherhood is a wonderful path to our spiritual development and that being a parent is a means by which we can nurture the wholeness of our children. It is my honor and mission to walk beside moms to help them find and embody their own deep wisdom. Specific areas that we focus on generally include:

  • Finding your own parenting compass – developing a parenting vision and the vows that enable that vision to move from idea to reality
  • Parenting with a conscious and loving intent – moving beyond old patterns or mere reactions to those patterns (e.g., becoming permissive if your parents were very strict) to find your own “style” of parenting
  • Removing barriers that block connection (with yourself, your children, and your co-parent) – doing the spiritual and healing work to shed limiting beliefs, bolster your strengths, and neutralize your vulnerabilities
  • Simplifying family life – making the physical and emotional space that connected and effective families require to thrive

If you resonate with the parenting path I walk or the support I offer, here are possible next steps: