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Therapy & Coaching: Two Different Paths to Your Goals

As a licensed clinical mental health counselor,¬†I work with individuals, families, and adolescents via Asheville Family Counseling. My coaching services are available worldwide. In general, counseling tends to be deeper, more therapeutic, and may address past troubles in addition to current stressors. Coaching generally is more action-oriented, skills-focused, and rooted in dealing with current family-life challenges. In all work, my goals center on helping families create peaceful, harmonious lives that honor everyone. To me, when we’re successful, individuals AND families thrive and this in turn positively impacts every other relationship you have, and this in turn changes the world. Use either button below to book a complimentary exploratory conversation with me (therapy is available only to North Carolina Residents).

Shonnie Lavender


If you’re looking for support, I invite you to join the Conscious Moms’ Circle, a free Facebook group with over 4,000 moms worldwide. Here are a handful of videos other parents have found useful. You can view all my videos on my YouTube channel. If these or other videos speak to you, click the “Connect with Shonnie” tab at the bottom of my screen or reach out to me on Facebook.


Shonnie is fully committed to your growth as a parent so if you’re fully committed to investing the time and energy, you will see amazing results! Shonnie is so skilled at meeting you where you are at and asking the right questions to support you in unlocking your own wisdom, seeing your role, and feeling empowered to make positive changes.
~ Laura

Shonnie has a great ability make you feel safe. She doesn’t talk down or give¬†basic instructions and the best part is her willingness to make you feel included on the journey. You really feel the connection.
~ Laine

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Find inspiration, ideas, conversation, and support via the Conscious Moms’ Circle on Facebook.

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