Being a “good” parent cannot happen without being a “good” person. Another way to think of it is that our mastery as parents is directly linked to our self-mastery and personal transformation. I mention this because so often parents (including me) look for ways to get our children to do this or that. Or we think that we can somehow train them to behave in a certain way. What we forget is that they behave the way they see us (and others around them) behave. Thus, if we desire for them to be peaceful, loving, courageous, and honest people, the way this will most likely to happen is if we are that kind of person first.

Below I offer wise words from two other parents as reminders to me and all other parents out there that we are one with our children. As we transform ourselves our children will transform themselves. We are mirrors for each other on this magical journey.

“Our children literally resonate with us. They’re downloading our state all the time; our emotions, our beliefs, our values. Their stress rises with ours and comes down with ours…. We make conscious choices to manage our stress and anxiety levels, while our children are depended on the energetic and emotional environment that we create. To tell a child to be reasonable or calm down while we feel negative towards them, is like telling them to go outside and play while we restrain them tightly.”

“Your *child* is the mirror! When you don’t like what you see in your child, there’s a good chance s/he’s reflecting some aspect of yourself that’s out of alignment with Who You Really Are.”