Ways we can release old habits of being the “good girl”

This is the heart of the empowerment coaching I do and can’t be accomplished merely by acting on a “to do” list. Rediscovering our authentic self is a process that takes intention, time, and support. I love to work with women who are ready to make that journey. That being said, I can offer a few general ideas that you can use right now to become more real.

  • Take time to answer others’ requests and invitations. A buffer of time (anywhere from a few minutes for the small stuff to a day or more for bigger decisions) can help you tell a true “yes” from a people-pleasing “yes” or a “no it’s not for me” from a “no” said out of fear.
  • Notice where you are on your own priority or “to do” list. Take the opportunity to move something that’s genuinely for you up a notch or two or make sure that your self-care isn’t coming only after you’ve checked off all the tasks you do for your family or work.
  • Start giving your wants, opinions, and ideas more air time. Whether this means stating what you want to eat for dinner, making a direct request for your partner’s help in a task, or simply sharing how you’re feeling, these actions help you demonstrate that you matter.
  • Express your feelings – even the ones you don’t normally put on display. Let the emotions flow without judgment or any attempts to control them (except for keeping your expression free of true harm for you or others who are present).You can do this privately at first or only with people who you know are committed to your personal growth.

Are you ready to see if being “good” is getting in your way of being fulfilled? Let’s have a complimentary coaching session to see if it’s time to bust out of your “good girl” ways!