dadly-way-cover-photoOne of the tools that supports our own personal growth as well as our smooth functioning as families is mindfulness. I spoke to researcher, author, and parent Josh Misner, PhD to learn more about how we can cultivate mindfulness in our lives and use it to enhance the quality of our relationships. We also discussed Josh’s new book — for dads and moms — called The Dadly Way: 10 Steps to More Active Fatherhood and Equal Parenting. I recorded our conversation and it’s now available below and on YouTube. Here’s a partial list of what we covered in our forty-five-minute talk:

  • How sharing mother-father roles can be both freeing and empowering for parents
  • What mindfulness is and steps you can take to create more of it in your family
  • How a mindfulness practice can support your conscious parenting
  • Ways that mindfulness practice can improve your family life
  • The main barriers to mindfulness and ideas on how to overcome them
  • Tips for gently navigating the path of mindfulness

Take a listen and feel free to post questions for Josh or me in the comments section below.