Taming the Tiger

Learn How to Stop Stubbornness, Defuse Defiance, & Raise a Confident and Cooperative Child Without Heavy-Handedness or Harsh Discipline. This self-paced course is delivered right to your email inbox. Scroll down to learn more.

Why enroll in Taming the Tiger?

I designed this course for thoughtful parents who want to create peaceful, respectful relationships and have a smooth-flowing, cooperative, and respectful family life. If you’re seeking to raise responsible, strong-willed adults you must learn how to get them through childhood and adolescence in a way that keeps their spirit intact (which is challenging because it’s not how most of us were raised). Learn more about the how this course can benefit your family, the features of the program, and frequently asked questions.

Foster greater connection and love now and in the long-run.

Get more done together with less nagging or feet dragging.

A heart and head approach that works and feels good.

How can Taming the Tiger change your family?

The purpose of Taming the Tiger, to support you in peacefully and effectively addressing resistance, refusals, and rebellion in your children. You’ll learn what’s really underneath your child’s resistance and refusals and how to address the root issues in ways that allow both children and adults to be honored.

  • Discover loving and effective ways to address the exact challenges that are provoking your child’s instincts to “push back” and increase his willingness to cooperate.
  • Strengthen your ability to keep your cool even when your child is defying you or digging in her heels.
  • Stop accidentally triggering your child’s impulse to resist you or prolonging his resistance once it’s been triggered.
  • Gain new insights into your child’s developmental needs that will help you build an even more connected, respectful relationship.
  • Uncover simple solutions to common family stress-points like mealtimes, getting dressed and out the door, doing chores, brushing teeth, and cleaning up.
  • Build a more loving and respectful home in which everyone’s needs are respected and things run smoothly.

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Eight content-rich lessons delivered to conveniently your email inbox.

Easy to use

Content shared via audio, video, and printable PDFs to address the way you learn best.

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Content comes in bite-sized chunks so you can easily incorporate this program into your existing routine.

Live support

Private Facebook group access to enhance your learning and provide additional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to take the course?
I spread the materials out to make it easy for almost any parent to be able to complete the reading (video watching) and exercises. Anywhere from 1-2 hours each week would be sufficient time. The course lasts for four weeks.
What age child is the course material addressing?
Parents of toddlers to teens can definitely use this material (heck, it could even work for parents whose adult children live at home 🙂 ).  I strongly recommend it for parents with younger children, because what you learn will be applicable for you throughout your child’s full childhood.
Can I see a sample of the course material?
Absolutely! Here’s the Taming the Tiger Course Checklist (an overview of all content) and Taming the Tiger Sample Content (containing a page each  from one worksheet and one handout).
Do I need to believe in a specific parenting philosophy?
No. I designed the course for parents who are striving to create win-win relationships at home. Most of the parents I work with are attempting to undo some of the wounds of their own upbringing and parent more peacefully and compassionately with their own children. Typically these same parents often struggle with how to effectively create a cooperative and peaceful home without using the same tactics used on them in childhood (and those still commonly relied upon by most families).
Do I need Facebook to participate?
No. All essential course material is delivered directly to you via email. Participation in the private Facebook group is optional. It’s simply a place to get additional support, build community, and interact with other parents on a similar journey. I do share items with the Facebook group, but again everything you need will be sent to your personal email address.
How long can I access the material?
Once you purchase Taming the Tiger, materials are permanently available for your personal use. The course materials will be sent to you via email as links to videos (which you can watch online) or as PDF files that you can download and keep for your personal use. Thus, even though the course will be “complete” in four weeks, you have as long as you need to work through the content.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
I truly believe in this work’s potential to positively and sustainably transform families. That being said, I also know that these results come not merely from reading information or watching videos; results come from implementing the learning, experimenting, and truly integrating the material into family life. Thus, if a student is dissatisfied with the program she/he may request a refund in writing within 14 days of course completion — the written refund request must include completed copies of all worksheets for the entire course and a formal refund request document (which I will provide upon request). If these conditions are met, I will refund course costs (course price minus a $25 administrative fee).

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