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More Confidence and Joy and Way Less Guilt

I help conscious moms find their natural leadership abilities, stop beating themselves up, and enjoy motherhood a whole lot more.

Let's reinspire your mama power today!

Respectful, Cooperative Children Who Remain Authentic, Healthy, and Whole

I help conscious moms inspire considerate, helpful, and desirable behavior in their children without resorting to tactics that damage their children’s spirits, esteem, or connection.

Let's build habits to effectively lead your children!

Deeply Connected Relationships and Smooth, Joyful Family Life

I help conscious moms nurture loving, long-term relationships and build families where everyone thrives.

Let's transform your family life for good!

All this and more are possible!

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Effective Personal Support

Whether we chat old school on the phone or via face-to-face video on Skype, we’ll focus 45 minutes on you and your parenting goals.

An MP3 Recording

At your request, our coaching conversation will be recorded and emailed to you so you can review our discussion later to remember key takeaways from our call.


Power-Up Plan

Start creating new realities in your family using this written record of my key coaching support covering items such as parent strengths, opportunities, essential actions, at-home experiments.

Email Access

Benefit from 1 week of email access for follow up questions about your session, your action plan, or whatever other family issue arises that you want support with!

Shonnie’s wonderfully approachable nature lends itself to excellent coaching and support. She helped me let go of judgment and fear of failure that I didn’t fully realize I had. Her ideas, tools, and perspectives on children and parenting have helped me immensely.
~ Jaime

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m really looking forward to connecting with you and offering my support in creating the family life you truly desire!  Peace, SL-signature-purple

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