Free Webinar: Shame-Free Parenting
What All Parents Need to Know to Break the Hidden Habits of Shaming Our Children
Shame-Free Parenting
Breaking the Hidden Habits of Shaming Our Children
“Shame is highly correlated with addiction, violence, aggression, depression, eating disorders, and bullying.”
~ Brené Brown, PhD.
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You'll Learn
The common ways parents -- even kind ones -- unwittingly shame our children… all of which damage their self-worth and esteem.  
The significant, toxic, and lasting effects of shame on our children’s well-being. 
The harmful impact that shame has on a parents’ ability to be the loving, conscious caregivers we long to be. 
The reasons it’s so hard to break the shaming cycle on your own… and how to finally overcome it!
Seriously… this is one event you don’t want to miss! 
Join me for this powerful live event.
Client Love
"Before working with Shonnie, I just tried harder. I thought if I held on tight enough, did the right things, that I could white knuckle my way into making it happen for our family. Now I’m more tuned into my kids. Shonnie’s work allowed me to reconnect with my son. Instead of getting caught in a cycle of anger and frustration with him, I was able to approach him differently. He started responding differently."

-Leah, mom of two, North Carolina
“I highly recommend Shonnie Lavender as a coach, and this Stop Shame course! Both are life changing!!”

-Leah, mom of two, North Carolina
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Shonnie Lavender inspires and empowers conscious parents to create connected, respectful, and thriving families by eliminating fear-based parenting methods still commonly in use today. A contributor to Huffington Post and Elephant Journal, Shonnie has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio. Professionally she holds a Masters Degree, did her coach training at CoachU, and received her coaching accreditation through the International Coach Federation.
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